New Site Features

Welcome to Complete Book & Media Supply's new website! Our new site is full of new and improved functionality meant to help make your buying experience a better one! Some of our new highlights and features are outlined below, and please also feel free to reach out to Customer Service or your account representative for assistance:

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Improved search functionality
      • Higher level of accuracy for search results
      • Added ability to facet/filter to help narrow down search results
      • Browsing by Product Type or Category via Sub-Menus
      • "Add to Cart" option from Search Results page

  • Expanded catalog, now containing more than 16 million items
  • Leaving all "Product Line" options unchecked under main the search bar will default to search all products
  • Improved product display
    • Greater item detail provided for all products
    • Conditional formatting to highlight important item information (such as bold/red font for non-English language books, uncommon formats (eBooks, Large Print, etc.) and unavailable titles such as "Out of print"

  • Quotes System (also may be used for Saved Carts)
    • Allows users to save carts or quotes to be submitted to our sales team for pricing/review
    • Saved Quotes/Carts are viewable under "Manage Quotes" on your account in the top right corner when logged in:

  • "Manage Quotes" brings you to a listing of any saved, pending or processed quotes for your account:

  • Click the "Quote Name" in order to review the quote, where you will have the option to do the following for any "In Process" quotes:
    • Edit Quote
      • Add/remove items
      • Update quantity
      • Add notes
      • Submit for review (submission note required)
    • Duplicate Quote (saves a new copy of the quote)
    • Send To Cart (if you do not need a pricing review and simply want to check out with your saved cart/quote)
    • Archive Quote (if the quote is no longer needed)

  • You may also utilize our quote system for specialty items such as kits/bundled items, items not currently on the site, etc. - please include as much information as possible for non-catalog items (ISBN, Title, Author, Format, Quantity) to ensure accurate quoting
  • "ISBN QuickLoad" functionality allows ISBNs to be pasted and imported to a cart or quote for faster ordering
    • Title and quantity are optional on the ISBN Upload
    • Items that are not available within our catalog are unable to be added to a Cart however they may be added to a Quote to then be submitted to our Admin team for review.
    • Currently duplicate ISBNs will be ignored within the same QuickLoad, please only paste unique ISBNs within each QuickLoad

Below is an example where ISBN (required), Title (optional) and Quantity (optional - defaults to quantity of 1 per line if no quantity is entered) are filled in for two titles, one currently in our database and one that is not in the database:

ISBN #9781531865320 was successfully added to the cart while 9781111111111 failed to add due to it not being in our database; if all items are successful you will be taken straight to your cart, and if not a list of any failed items will be displayed for your reference.

(Please note: Currently this function ignores duplicate ISBNs within the same list – please combine quantities for any duplicate item lines):

The site correctly loaded 50 copies to the shopping cart:

If you are unsure whether or not the items are in the database, you may "Create quote of all items" which will load any non-database items into the quote with "Contact for Pricing" shown; these may be submitted to our Admin team through "Manage Quotes" to be reviewed and priced if available: