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Mouse Models of Cancer: A Laboratory Manual (Out of print)

PUBLISHER Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
PRODUCT TYPE Hardcover (Hardcover)

The laboratory mouse is an important model for addressing questions in cancer biology. In recent years, the questions have become more refined, and mouse models are increasingly being used to develop and test cancer therapeutics. Thus, the need for more sophisticated and clinically relevant mouse models has grown, as has the need for innovative tools to analyze and validate them.

This laboratory manual provides cutting-edge methods for generating and characterizing mouse models that accurately recapitulate many features of human cancer. The contributors describe strategies for producing genetic models, including transgenic germline models, gene knockouts and knock-ins, and conditional and inducible systems, as well as models derived using transposon-based insertional mutagenesis, RNA interference, viral-mediated gene delivery, and chemical carcinogens. Tissue recombination, organ reconstitution, and transplantation methods to develop chimeric, allograft, and xenograft models are covered. Approaches to characterize tumor development, progression, and metastasis in these models using state-of-the-art imaging and histopathological, surgical, and other techniques are also included.

Other chapters cover the use of mouse models to test and optimize drugs in pre-, co-, and postclinical trials. An appendix specifically addresses the use of mouse cancer models in translational studies and the integration of mouse and human clinical investigations. This manual is therefore an indispensable laboratory resource for all researchers, from the graduate level upward, who study cancer and its treatment.

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