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FAST Practice Newsletter - Medical Practice Information at The Speed of Sound

PUBLISHER Greenbranch Publishing LLC
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Built on the "journal club" concept, expert editors critically select and summarize sixteen of the most valuable articles from the current literature - two articles on each of the most challenging practice management topics.

Each interesting and engaging article abstract is followed by expert editorial commentary to place the material in the context of your medical practice.

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Membership Term: 12 months
Format: Digital
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With our newsletter you'll get commonsense, cutting-edge strategies and insight from our in-the-trenches Editor - PLUS you also get a 60 minute professionally read audio file of the material. 12 issues a year (monthly). Each issue contains 16 article reviews and accompanying expert commentary. Sent via PDF and audio file (MP3) to listen on your smart phone or MP3 player. Just think - in one hour of FAST Practice reading or listening time, you'll get an entire month's worth of successful practice management strategies.
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