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Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules and Commentary

PUBLISHER Thompson Information Services
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Here is a comprehensive, practice-oriented guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure written by Professor Steven Gensler, a leading expert and former member of the Civil Rules Advisory Committee. For each rule, Professor Gensler explains in detail what the rule covers, how it works, and how it has been interpreted and applied by the courts. Each commentary is organized to clearly highlight and analyze the practical issues most important to lawyers and judges applying the rule. Updated annually, new rule amendments, the latest case law, and emerging trends and issues are integrated into the analysis to provide the most up-to-date and user-friendly guidance available. Extensive citations to current case law and the best foundational precedents allows users to quickly find relevant cases to determine local practice and interpretation. Coverage emphasizes the rules and issues lawyers and judges confront most often, but includes analysis and citations for literally thousands of less common issues and questions that can defy research efforts and that otherwise might escape notice altogether. Includes coverage of recent and future amendments to the Rules, with extensive analysis of the specific changes, the reasoning behind them, and their expected impact.
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